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Wind Drift and Deceleration of the Cast Bullet CD-ROM

Paul A. Matthews

US$ 19.95

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Wind Drift and Deceleration of the Cast Bullet at Black-Powder Velocities. Black powder cartridge rifleshooting is an unforgiving shooting discipline. This is especially true of the metallic silhouettes where the only score that counts is a knockdown of the target. There are no nines, only 10s or zseros; and even a hit that fails to knock a target over is scored as a miss. Despite the fact that 75 percent of the shots taken during a match are over the cross-sticks (which can be almost as solid as a benchrest), the lengthy time of flight and high trajectory of the bullet subject the latter to the almost unpredictable ravages of wind drift. This classic volume now in convenient CD-ROM form is an invaluable aid to shooters. CD-ROM.