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Reloading tools of the Black Powder Era 1850-1910 Vol. 2

Tom Rowe & Ed Curtis

US$ 79.00

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There has been a need for a thorough study of the various loading tools of the black powder and early smokeless powders era for rifles, shotgun tools will not be covered. While a book on the subject can never be complete and odd and unusual examples will continually appear, this book will cover most of what a collector will encounter. The leading experts in the various fields of tool collecting in the United States have been instrumental in correcting these books as they have developed as well as adding additional material and suggestions. This book started with the idea it would be one volume, plans change and the mass of important material dictated that two volumes were needed. Chapters include: Remington, Sharps, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Wesson / Whitney, Winchester, California, Small Makers, Military, Schuetzen, Unknown Examples. 8 X 11, hardcover, color photos, 312pp.