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Reloading tools of the Black Powder Era 1850-1910 Vol. 1

Tom Rowe & Ed Curtis

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Prior to the mass distribution of self-contained metallic cartridges, reloading tools were an indispensable, if not essential part of the shooters equipment. This book is a visual and informational study of the wide variety of reloading tools manufactured by arms companies, individual gun-makers and firms devoted solely to the production of sportsman's accessories. Volume 1 is devoted to the products of the Ideal Manufacturing Company; the Bridgeport Gun Implement Company; those for Ballard and Marlin Rifles; D. Brown's Variform Reloader for the Bullard rifle;the Massachusetss Arms Company (Maynard rifles); J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company; and the Providence Arms & Tool Company. 8 X 11, hardcover, color photos, 314pp.