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Fine Colts The Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Collection

R. L. Wilson

US$ 99.95

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This lavish work covers exquisite deluxe and rare Colt arms from Patersons and other percussion revolvers to the cartridge period and up through modern times. The Dr. Murphy Collection serves as the ideal source for reviewing the captivating story of deluxe and engraved Colt arms. Over 225 richly detailed illustrations, nearly all in color. Detailed text on Colt engraving. 9' X 12", hardcover, photos, illus, 264 pp. Limited edition of 3,000 signed and numbered copies. THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT BUT WE STILL HAVE A NEW COPY AVAILABLE. Contents Introduction by R.L. Wilson Preface by Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Chapters I Pre-Paterson and Paterson Engraving (c. 1832-1842) II Colt's Hartford Engraving (c. 1847-1852) III The Gustave Young Period (c. 1852-1869) IV Gold Inlaid Percussion Colt Revolvers (c. 1852-1868) V Colt's London Engraving (c. 1853-1857) VI Late Styles of Percussion Engraving (c. 1861-1870) VII "Tiffany" Grips (c. 1847-the Present) VIII L.D. Nimschke (c. 1850-1900) IX Freelance and Factory Craftsmen (c. 1870-1900) X Cuno A. Helfricht and His Shop (c. 1871-1921) XI R.J. Kornbrath (c. 1919-1946) XII Wilbur A. Glahn (c. 1919-1950) XIII William H. Gough (c. 1919-1940) XIV Alvin F. Herbert (c. 1954-1969) XV A.A. White (c. 1929-the Present) XVI Freelance Engravers (Post World War II) XVII The Colt Custom Gun Shop (c.1966-the Present) Bibliography Index