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Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning

L.P. Brezny

US$ 32.99

Pref. Cust. Discount 10%

Authored by noted shotgun and ballistics expert L.P. Brezny, Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning is the definitive volume on getting the most out of today's wide array of premium shotguns and ammunition. This is truly a must-have volume for practiced wingshooters looking to maximize their ammunition, their shotgun, and their shooting performance. -How advances in non-toxic shells are changing shotgunning -Shot string performance from muzzle to target -Guns and chokes making the grade -10-gauge vs. 12-gauge--the battle decided! -Easy-to-understand ballistics tables And much, much more! 8 1/4X11, softcover, photos, illus, 224pp.