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The Romanian: A Guide to the .22 Caliber M69

Paul Liska

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ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME... For those who own this great little rifle, you know it's virtues. Accuracy, simplicity and low cost, are it's claim to fame. More than just takedown, the author has detailed some of the key areas of interest, and issues with this rifle. To get the most out of your M69, this manual is a must have. The table of contents reads, Introduction, Technical Data, Romanian M69 and Accessories, The Stock, The Receiver-Barrel, The Trigger Group, The Magazine, The Sights, Scopes and Scope Rails, The Bolt, The Accessories, The Problems and more. 8 1/5 X 5 1/2, softcover, 28pp.