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Suppliers to the Confederacy Volume II: More British Arms and Accoutrements

Craig L. Barry & David C. Burt

US$ 39.95

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In hopes of impeding a young United States, the British supplied the Confederacy with arms and equipment. This book, along with Volume I, will be the definitive reference on British arms and accoutrements in Confederate service, containing full and detailed histories of newly discovered imported arms and equipment, plus lost historical details of the companies and individuals that manufactured them, including: Robert Mole & Co, Eley Bros, Francis Preston, and Arthur Warner. There are brand new sections and photographs of knapsacks, waist belts, plus all the different types of snake buckles, cap pouches, 50 round pouches, ball bags, frogs, oil bottles, sabre bayonets for the P53 Enfield, bayonet scabbards, down to snap caps and tompions. It has brand new unpublished histories on gun makers like C.W. James, Hackett, Pryse and Redman, R & W Aston, R.T. Pritchett, King & Phillips, and London Armoury Co. 6.5 X 9.5, hardcover, photos, illus, 304pp.