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Propaganda Series, FG42, The, Fallschirmjägergewehr

Guus de Vries

US$ 39.95

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The FG42 Fallschirmjägergewehr is Vol. 8 in the Propaganda Photo Series, a unique series of books on German small arms of World War II. This book gives a detailed description of the origin and history of the enigmatic Fallschirmjägergewehr (paratrooper's rifle), Germany's most famous, but also most mysterious small arm of World War II. Although only some thousands were produced, many postwar designs were influenced by the FG42, which greatly attributed to its reputation. This book also describes and depicts its accessories, codes and markings, and the concurrents. As with the other volumes of this series, The FG42 Fallschirmjägergewehr features a unique selection of original German World War II propaganda photos, most of them never published before, depicting the Fallschirmjägergewehr in use. 9 X 9, hardcover, photos, 152pp