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Things you Should Know about Shooting Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

Paul Matthews

US$ 22.50

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By Paul Matthews, author of numerous books on shooting black powder cartridge guns and reloading ammunition, this book contains a wealth of general information on shooting black powder cartridge rifles taken from his years of experience. Chapters include... Safety on the firing range, Resizing without fireforming, The spirit level: Is it a gimmick, The casting ladle: How important is it, The original design Postell bullet, The Lyman No. 457677 tapered bullet, The Creedmor bullet, How do I improve my shooting, So you're having a rifle built, A mould for casting sticks of bullet lubricant, Should you microwave bullet lubricant, A Vernier tang sight we can clean under, In retrospect. 6 X 9, softcover, photos, 119pp...