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Modern Schuetzen Rifle, The

Charlie Dell and Wayne Schwartz

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ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.. By Charlie Dell and Wayne Schwartz. If you wanted to know everything about this style shooting then this is the book. This book has been written from many years of shooting and experimenting experience. Chapters discuss various action types and their merits. Suggestions on different powders, bullet casting, design, alloy and velocity etc. What is needed in a barrel, chambering, throating, crowning, lapping, bluing. Many calibers are listed with comments on their suitability for use in Schuetzen shooting, wads, primers and how to properly breech seat a bullet. Appendices on: bullet lubricants; properties of fats, oils and waxes; new products and services; bibliography; and loads. 8 1/2" X 11, hardcover, photos, 410 pp. ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS LONG OUT OF PRINT, AND ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND, WE JUST HAPPENED TO FIND ONE NEW COPY THAT WAS LOST IN OUR WAREHOUSE, GET IT NOW, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE...