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Propellant Profiles 5th Edition


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ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME... This book has been fully revised and expanded to contain data on powders through 2008. The following companies have their products 'profiled' in this reference manual: ACCURATE POWDERS (Now owned by Western Powders) AAC-2 AAC-5 AAC-7 AAC-9 AAC-2015 BR AAC-2230-C AAC-2460 AAC-2700 AAC-3100 AAC-4350 Brigadier 4351 Magpro MP-5744 MR-223 M4-2460 MR-2520 MR-3100 MR-8700 Nitro 100 Solo 1000 XMP-5744 XMR-4064 ALCAN AL-5 AL-7 AL-8 AL-120 ALLIANT (Formerly Hercules) American Select American Select for Cowboy Act. Shtg. Blue Dot Bullseye Clay Dot Green Dot Herco Power Pistol Red Dot Red Dot in Handgun Cartridges Reloader 7 Reloder 10X Reloder 12 Reloder 15 Reloder 17 Reloder 19 Reloder 21 Reloder 22 Reloder 25 Steel Unique 410 2400 ARCO Black Mag 3 BLACK POWDER Black Powder GOEX Cowboy Pinnacle HODGDON BL-C LOT 2 Benchmark Extreme Powders H-110 Spherical H-110 H-205 H-322 H-335 Spherical H-335 H-380 H-414 H-450 H-870 H-1000 H-4198 H-4227 H-4350 H-4831 H-4895 HP-38 HS-5 HS-6 HS-7 and Trap 100 Hybrid 100V International Clays, Univeral Clays Lil' Gun Pyrodex - A Replica Black Powder Pyrodex Select Retumbo Titegroup Titewad Trap 100 Universal X-58 IMR (Formerly Dupont-Now owned by Hodgdon) Hi-Skor 700-X Hi-Skor 800-X IMR-3031 IMR-4007 SSC IMR-4064 IMR-4198 IMR-4227 IMR-4320 IMR-4350 IMR-4831 IMR-4895 IMR-7828 IMR-7828 SSC PB SR-4756 SR-4759 SR-7625 Trail Boss NORMA MRP MRP0-2 N-201 N-202 N-203 N-203-B N-204 N-205 N-1010 N-2010 R-1 R-123 New Shotshell Powders URP THUNDERBIRD T-870 T-8208 VIHTAVUORI N3SH N120 N130 N133 N135 N140 N160 N165 N310 N320 N330 N340 N350 N530 N540 N550 N555 N560 3N37 3N38 WESTERN POWDERS Blackhorn 209 Ramshot Big Game Ramshot Enforcer Ramshot Hunter Ramshot Magnum Ramshot Silhouette Ramshot TAC Ramshot True Blue Ramshot X-Terminator Ramshot Zip WINCHESTER AA20S Action Pistol Powder (WAP) Ball Powders Ball Powders (Improved) Supreme 780 W-231 W-296 W-452AA 2-473AA W-540 W-571 W-630 W-630P W-680 W-680BR W-748 W-760 W-760 (Ball) W-785 WMR WXR Winchester-Western's New Ball Powder Line ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME...