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Kokalis on Machine Guns

Peter G. Kokalis

US$ 19.95

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No one knows and writes about machine guns like Peter Kokalis. Kokalis on Machine Guns collects the best Kokalis articles and columns on full-auto arms. It covers everything from antiques like the Colt Potato Digger to modern machine guns like the M240B, with everything in between. Whether it's an old favorite like the Thompson or a rarity like the Austrian M.30, it gets the definitive Kokalis treatment. He doesn't leave out the accessories, either, covering belts, tripods, magazines, gunner's kits, and the whole panoply of gadgets that make machine gun collecting such a fascinating hobby. Kokalis didn't learn about machine guns from a book; he's owned hundreds and fired hundreds more in combat zones like Afghanistan, Bosnia and El Salvador. 10 X 12, softcover, photos, 298pp.