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What You Should Know About Bullet Lubricants For The Black Powder Cartridge Rifl

Paul A. Matthews

US$ 22.50

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Many Many times since that long ago day in 1949 when I concocted my first bullet lubricant in total ignorance of what I was doing or why I was doing it, I have repeated the process many times in hopes that someday I would come up with a magic mixture that would let me shoot for as long as I wanted without wiping between shots or softening the black powder fouling with the blow tube. The whole endeavor was like shooting a match with both eyes closed hoping to hit something. Many others are doing or have done the same thing, some giving up to rely upon a reputable commercial bullet lubricant while others are still mixing this and that with hopes of success but not too much to show for it. If you are one of those, don't feel badly. Two of the greatest processes-vulcanizing rubber and making corn flakes were developed this way. The inventors knew where they wanted to go, but it was pure accident that took them there. For about 150 years, black-powder shooters around the world have been making and using untold numbers of concoctions, adding this or adding that with hope it will give them what they want in a bullet lubricant. I have done it myself for more than 60 years and will probably continue the practice for as long as I am able. Yet somewhere at sometime during the past few years, I have learned that when it comes to a bullet lubricant to be used in a black powder cartridge rifle, there are some oils and waxes that are always better than others due to their inherent characteristics. Thus it is that I believe there is a need for data related solely to bullet lubricants for the BPCR. If I am lacking in some of the technical aspects, then so be it. If I can just put down a solid foundation, a good basis upon which you can gain a better understanding of bullet lubes for the BPCR, I will be satisfied. CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING CHAPTERS: Characteristics of a Good Bullet Lubricant for the BPCR, How to Determine the Melting Point, The Choice Components: (Yellow Beeswax, Castor Oil, Casor Wax, Anhydrous Lanolin, Japan Wax, Bayberry Wax, 100% Pure Neat's-foot Oil, Bear and Racoon Oil, Tallow, Murphy's Oil Soap), How to Render Fat into Tallow, Equipment for Making Bullet Lubricants, How to Saponify a Bullet Lubricant, My Two Best Black Powder Bullet Lubricants, Linseed Oil? Are You Kidding?, Why Weigh the Components?, Testing the Black Powder Bullet Lubricant, Does a Bullet Lubricant Really Make a Difference in Accuracy, and The Scientifically Manufactured Bullet Lubricant. 6 X 9, softcover, photos, 96pp.