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Collector's Guide to Military Pistol & Revolver Disassembly and Reassembly, A

Stuart C. Mowbray & Joe Puleo

US$ 39.99

Pref. Cust. Discount 15%

Step-by-step breakdowns of all your favorite surplus and vintage handguns. The top military handguns of the cartridge era, disassembled, step-by-step, in large color photographs. The Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver,The French Model 1873 Revolver,The Swiss Model 1882 Schmidt Revolver,The Model 1883 Reichsrevolver,The Swedish Model 1887 Nagant Revolver,The Webley Mk. 1 .455 Revolver,The Italian Bodeo M1889 Revolver,The French Model 1892 Revolver,The Japanese Type 26 Revolver,The Mexican Model 1893 Pieper Revolver,The Colt .38 New Model Army & Navy Revolver,The Russian M1895 Nagant D.A. Revolver,The Russian Model 1895 Nagant S.A. Revolver,The Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” Pistol,The Austro- Hungarian Model 1898 Rast Gasser Revolver,The Model 1905 Mannlicher Pistol,The Smith & Wesson .455 2nd Model Hand Ejector and U.S. Model 1917 Revolvers,The Webley- Fosbery Self-Cocking Automatic Revolver,The Model 1907 Roth-Steyr,The Savage Model 1907 Pistol,The German Luger Pistol,The Colt New Service, U.S. Model 1909 and U.S. Model 1917 Revolvers,The Model 1910/21 Bergmann- Bayard Pistol,The U.S. Model 1911 Automatic Pistol,The Italian Brixia Pistol,The Austrian Model 1912 Steyr-Hahn Pistol,The British Webley Mk. 1 (N) Self- Loading Pistol,The Webley .455 Mk. VI Revolver,The Spanish Model 1921 Astra 400 Pistol,The Belgian Browning M1922 Pistol,The British Enfield No. 2 Mk I Revolver,The Japanese Nambu,The Czechoslovak CZ-27 Automatic Pistol,The French Model 17 Unique Pistol,The Walther Model PP Pistol,The Model 1930 Tokarev (TT) Semi-Automatic Pistol,The British Webley Mk IV .38/200 Revolver,The Japanese Type 94 Pistol,The French Model 1935A Pistol,The Hungarian Model 1937 Pistol,The Italian Beretta Model 1934 Pistol,The Browning,The Smith & Wesson Victory Model Revolver,The Soviet Bloc Makarov,The Beretta Model 1951 and Helwan Pistols,The Czechoslovak CZ-52,The Czechoslovak CZ-82,The Hi-Power Pistol,The Radom wz. 35 Vis Pistol,The Walther P38 Pistol,The Mauser HSc Pistol,The Swedish Lahti m/40 Pistol. 8 1/2 X 11, softcover, photos, illus, 278pp.