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ABC's of Reloading, The 9th Edition

Edited by C. Rodney James

US$ 26.99

Pref. Cust. Discount 15%

A step-by-step guide to reloading rifle and handgun cartridges and shotshells. It's the 9th edition of The ABCs of Reloading. In these days of widespread ammunition shortages, it pays, literally, to know how to load your own cartridges. But don't think it's some kind of rocket science. Let The ABCs of Reloading show you how. You'll soon be reloading your own cartridges and saving big bucks faster than you ever thought possible. Includes step by step procedures for reloading rifle, handgun and shotgun ammunition. Everything you need to know about primers, bullets, powders and cases. Hundreds of detailed photos and the best reloading articles from the Gun Digest archives and more. Don't let the next ammunition shortage catch you unprepared. Arm yourself with money saving knowledge. 8 1/2 X 11, softcover, photos, 288pp.