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Winchester Commemoratives Vol. II

Tom Trolard

US$ 89.95

Pref. Cust. Discount 5%

With the introduction of the 1st Winchester Commemorative in 1964, people all over the world soon recognized the beauty and the investment potential of these unusual firearms. Coupled with the increasing popularity of gun collecting, Winchester commemoratives soon established a place for themselves both in and out of the gun collecting fraternity. Today there are commemorative gun shows, clubs and museums worldwide. Since these limited production guns are commemoratives and were designed to recognize an important person, place or event, nearly all are engraved and plated with precious metals as part of their decoration. Whatever your reason for collecting Winchester Commemoratives you'll enjoy the beauty and investment potential of these firearms, the pinnacle of the gunmakers art. Winchester Commemorative Volume I was written with one specific purpose in mind, to be a library quality reference guide. This Volume II follows that tradition with each gun shown in full color and view, listing important information and specifications, with distinct sections on special issue guns, proto-types and Winchester memorabilia. . It is a one stop reference and a necessity for the casual collector or the serious investor. 11 1/2 X 9, hardcover, beautiful color photos, 184pp.