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Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting Second Edition

Bryan Litz

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ATTENTION, THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE... Gaining a fundamental understanding of the scientific intricacies behind long-range shooting ballistics is immensely important for anyone wishing to become an accomplished hunter, a long-range shooting match champion, or any type of proficient shooter. A former aerospace engineer and US Air Force missile designer, Bryan Litz became the chief ballistician for Berger bullets in 2008. In his book, Bryan draws on his wealth of highly technical ballistics knowledge to describe the most important elements shooters need to be aware of, but in a reader-friendly format that everyday shooters can comprehend. Before publishing his book in 2009, Bryan had already become an accomplished shooter becoming a US National Palma Champion in 2008, a member of the winning 2008 US Team in the Spirit of America International Rifle Match, and a national record holder for the NRA iron-sight midrange course in 2009. Concepts that are thoroughly explained in the book include ballistic coefficients, gravity drop, wind deflection, uphill and downhill shooting, the Coriolis effect, spin drift, effectively using sights, bullet stability; as well as performance analysis for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical/lethality type shooting. Understanding all of the concepts laid out in this single volume will provide you with the necessary analysis tools needed to calculate precise trajectories for long-range shooting. This book also includes a CD with a software ballistics program that can experimentally measure ballistic coefficients after entering pertinent data. Includes dimensional drawings and measured drag data for over 175 bullets. 6 X 9. hardcover, pictures, illus, (CD software included), 578 pp.