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American Gladius, A Study of the M-9 Multi-Purpose Bayonet System

Mack A. Pattarozzi

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The M9 has been the United States Army’s standard bayonet for over two decades with no plans in sight to replace it. In fact, it is already the longest serving American bayonet, joining the M-16 as an enduring symbol of the American soldier. Without exaggeration, it has become an icon of the American Army in much the same way as the Gladius became symbolic of the Roman Legions. This book chiefly focuses on the M9, its manufacturers, evolution, variations, accessories, and collectability with the objective to spotlight only those M9s of military issue. Beyond that, the intention is to provide fellow collectors with a reference and a tool that will enhance their collecting experience through objective data as well as personal knowledge and experience. There is no other bayonet in all of American military history which possesses such a one of a kind individualism while at the same time displaying so obvious an American personality of design as the M9. 6 x 9, hardcover, photos, 224pp.