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Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values 14th Edition

Dan Shideler

US$ 27.99

Pref. Cust. Discount 15%

Why waste your time with un-illustrated value guides full of obscure antiques that you almost never find in real life. For the collector, for the bargain-hunter, for the serious shooter, for the investor, the 14th edition of Modern Gun Values is the definitive pricing and identification resource for firearms made from 1900 to present. From the Colt Single Action Army to the Freedom Arms .454 Casull, from the Winchester 1873 to the Weatherby Mark V Lazermark, you'll find it in Modern Gun Values. Know what your guns are worth. With this biggest and best edition of Modern Gun Values, you'll never pay too much or sell for too little. Updated value listings for more than 12,000 rifles, handguns, shotguns, and commemoratives to make you an informed buyer and seller . Thousands of detailed photographs to help you identify vintage firearms . New listings for manufacturers latest models. 8 1/2 X 11, softcover, photos, 712pp.