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U.S. Military Flintlock Muskets And Their Bayonets, 1816 through The Civil War

Peter A. Schmidt

US$ 69.99

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The concluding volume of what is now recognized as the most useful reference ever produced on the Flintlock Military Muskets of the United States. In this volume covering the second half of the flintlock era, learn the correct, and incorrect, configurations for these historical longarms. Study the markings and inspection stamps that separate rare muskets from run-of-the-mill examples. Based upon decades of research at the national Archives, this book follows a first volume that covered the years 1790 through 1815. While each books stands on its own, together they chronicle the most exciting story in firearms history, as our national arsenals and private contractors achieved interchangeability of parts and changed manufacturing forever. 8 1/2 X 11, hardcover, photos, illus, 373pp.