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American Swords from the Philip Medicus Collection

Introduction by Norm Flayderman, edited by Stuart C. Mowbray

US$ 55.00

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While there have been many excellent sword publications in recent years, one thing that has been missing is a book illustrating the entire range of American swords. In these pages, you will find over 600 swords, each one of them unique and interesting. All areas of American sword collecting are covered - Colonial, Revolutionary, Federal, Civil War, Eagle Pommels, Confederate, U.S. Regulation Swords, Presentation Swords, Marine Corps Swords, Imports, Naval Cutlasses, Silver Mounted Swords, Tiffany, Horstmann and Ames! Photographs are shown as large as possible so you can see the details. An indispensable reference. 8 1/2 X 11, hardcover, photos, 272 pp.