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British Machine Gun Cartridges

B.A. Temple

US$ 39.95

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With the advent of machine guns later in the 19th century, cartridge development took on a new importance. Gatling, Gardner, Maxim and Martini- Henry ammunition figure in this record along with the introduction of smokeless powder. Chapters include.. 1. The Search for a Machine Gun, 2. The Gatling Gun Cartridges, 3. Machine Gun Trials, 1879-1880, 4 Experimental 0.45-inch Machine Gun Cartridges, 5. Service 0.45-inch GG Ball Cartridges, 6. 0.45-inch M-H Rifle and MG Ball Cartridges, 7. The 0.4-inch Machine Gun Ball Cartridge, 8. 0.45-inch Cordite MG Ball Cartridges, 9. Blank Cartridges for Machine Guns, 10. Dummy Cartridges for Machine Guns, 11. The Identification of Machine Gun Cartridges, 12. Inspection of Machine Gun Ammunition. 6 1/2 X 10, hardcover, illus, 117pp.