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Smith & Wesson Revolvers Price List of Parts Catalogue P-2


US$ 10.00

Pref. Cust. Discount 15%

A great resource for parts identification dating back around the 1930s. Table of Contents includes-- .22 Pertfected Single Shot (T), .22 Straight Line Single Shot (F), .22 Perfected Hand Ejector (M), .22/32 Heavy Fram Target (V), K-22 Outdoorsman (K-22), .32 Double Action (R), .32 New Departure Safety Hammerless (G), .32 Hand Ejector (I), .32 Regulation Police (B), .32/20 Military and Police (K-32), .32 Automatic (C), .35 Automatic (A), .38 Single Action (S), .38 Double Action (D), .38 Double Action Perfected (P), .38 New Departure Safety Hammerless (Y), .38 Regulation Police (E), .38 Military and Police (K), .38/44 Super Police (KN), .44 Double Action (L), .44 Military (N), .45 U.S. Army, Model 1917 (US), and more. 9 X 6 softcover, illus, 39pp