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Study Of Colt's New Army and Navy Pattern Double Action Revolvers 1889-1908

Robert Best

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The first work of its kind, within these pages is a detailed look into Coltís development and production of the Double Action Swing Out Cylinder New Army and Navy series revolvers. Civilian model production, U.S. Army and Navy models and contracts, and other Government organizations using these revolvers are all covered in this book. In depth research by the author into Coltís shipping records, and the Government Archives are used to document the material presented. Models and serial number ranges of these fascinating and sometimes mystifying Colt revolvers is also presented. 150 photographs and 24 pages of full color photos show specific markings and manufacturing changes. 8 X 11, hardcover, 276 pp. ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS LONG OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER, BUT WE STILL HAVE ONE LAST NEW COPY AVAILABLE...