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Winchester Bolt Action Military & Sporting Rifles 1877 To 1937

Herbert G. Houze

US$ 169.95

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Winchester was the first American arms maker to commercially manufacture a bolt action repeating rifle, and this book tells the exciting story of these Winchester bolt actions, from the famous Hotchkiss through to the popular models 54 and 70. Renowned Winchester authority Herbert G. Houze covers both civilian and military bolt actions, starting off with five full chapters on the Hotchkiss! He then continues with eleven additional chapters about other exciting Winchester rifles, like the Murata Year 17 Rifle, the Model 1895 Winchester-Lee, the William Mason Straight Pulls, the T.C. Johnson Model A and B Magazine Rifles, the Pattern 1914 Enfields, the Winchester Model C and D Rifles, the Model 1917 U.S. Rifle, the Model 1918 .50 Caliber Anti-Tank Rifle, the Model 51 Imperial Sporting Rifle, the Winchester Model 54 and the development of the model 70. Houze's easy-to-read text is packed with useful technical specifications, intriguing historical notes and previously unpublished production details, all illustrated with 295 large, clear photographs. 8 1/2 X 11, hardcover, photos, illus, 206pp.