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Australian Service Machineguns

Ian D. Skennerton

US$ 69.95

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One hundred years of issue machine & sub-machine guns, from .450 Gatling & Nordenfelt to today’s 5.56mm Minimi. SAF Lithgow production of the Vickers, Bren & F1 rates special mention as does the 9mm Austen & Owen machine carbines made in Victoria & New South Wales during World War II. Chapters include-- Part 1 Colonial issues, Part 2 The emerging nation, Part 3 Production commences at Lithgow, Part 4 Wartime contingencies—"the foreign guns", Part 5 Australia's machine carbines, Part 6 Post-War development, Part 7 The Vietnam experience, Part 8 A modern outlook, Part 9 Markings & proofs and more. 9 1/2 X 6, hardcover, illus, 122pp.