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Snubby Revolver, The

Ed Lovette

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ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME... In this expanded and updated edition of The Snubby Revolver, former CIA operative and Combat Handguns columnist Ed Lovette pays homage to the short-barreled revolver, or snubby, holding it up as the timeless standard in backup, concealed carry, and extreme close quarters defensive weapons. He also addresses the four most common complaints about the snubby - grip, front sight, trigger, and ammo capacity - and presents viable ways to remedy those issues based on his personal experience. Lovette devotes the second half of the book to defensive tactics - running the gamut from basic and personal defense to strategic planning for extraordinary situations such as surveillance and carjackings to considerations specific to the use of the pocket revolver. Today, at a time when the semiauto pistol has beomce the issue handgun for our police and military and the handgun of choice for a lot of citizens, the snubby holds it own, proving that a classic endures because it does what it does better than anything that can be designed to replace it. The snubby is so eminently suited for various roles that its function often doubles as its name: "pocket pistol," "hideout," "backup," and "off-duty" all apty describe the tactical niche that the snubby revolver fills. It is available in a wider range of calibers, weights, and finishes than at any time in its history. It continues to serve as a dependable backup weapon for the police officer, and it is a highly popular choice with the legally armed private citizen. This book tells why in no uncertain terms. 177pp.