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MG34-MG42 German Universal Machineguns

Folke Myrvang

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ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME... In depth coverage of the historical development, fielding, tactical use of and modifications made to these remarkable guns and their myriad accessories and ancillaries, plus authoritative tips on troubleshooting the MG42 and especially the MG34, today. The MG34 was manufactured by a total of five firms before and during the war: Rheinmetall-Maget; BSW/Gustloff-Werke, Suhl; Mauser Borsigwalde; Waffenfabrik Steyr; and Waffenwerk Brunn.. By 1941 Grossfuss- a firm with no previous experience in arms design- had developed what became the MG42, which fired at the incredible rate of 1500rpm (25 rounds per second). Although the MG42 could fulfil nearly all the same roles, the MG34 was kept in production until the end of the war. The MG42 is still in service as the 7.62mm NATO MG3, and remains one of the most widely used machineguns in the world. 8 1/2 X 11, hardcover, photos, illus, 496pp...