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Complete .50-Caliber Sniper Course (Hard Target Interdiction)

Dean Michaelis

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ATTENTION: THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER AND WE DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME... Nowhere is the subject of shooting fifty's covered in more detail. Before the author wrote this, he wrote a first-of-its-kind program of instruction for the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) at the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne). Every aspect of the sniper's art, including the history of hard-target sniping, a professional assessment of heavy-class rifles, supporting technology and equipment for .50 cals, and special skills for ultralong-distance shooting. Includes reproducible forms, a military-issue .50 caliber cartridge tip color guide and much more. 8 1/2 X 11, softcover, photos, illus, 576pp.