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Varmint Hunter's Odyssey

Steve Hanson

US$ 59.95

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From the publishers of Precision Shooting Magazine. Chapters include Customizing, Handloading, Optics, auxiliary equipment and a lot more. The author then covers an amazing range of calibers in each of the following catagories. 1. Low noise & short range shooting. 2. Medium range shooting. 3. Long range shooting. 4. Extra long range shooting. 5. Ultra long range shooting. From .22WMR to .338-416 Rigby, A Varmit Hunters Delight. 8 1/2 X 11, softcover, photos, 279pp. ATTENTION: LONG OUT OF PRINT, BUT WE FOUND A FEW NEW COPIES HIDING IN OUR WAREHOUSE. GET ONE BEFORE THEY'RE GONE.