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Parker Guns - The Old Reliable

Ed Muderlak

US$ 114.95

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The Parker Gun Co. is a never-ending source of interest for collectors of American shotguns. Unlike most gunwriters, Ed Muderlak has done a remarkable job doing ORIGINAL research instead of repeating the same (and often mistaken) information of others. The interesting results will shock you as they reverse the conventional wisdom thatís been followed for years. Muderlak takes a refreshing look at the small beginnings, the golden years, and the ultimate decline of what is, no doubt, the most famous of all American shotgun manufacturers. Profusely illustrated with dozens of color photos of Parker guns as well as historical photos in black and white, this well-written and concise text also includes a thorough appendix that lists grades, patents, gun weights, serial numbers, and many other specifications for the Parker enthusiast. Again, he did his own research for these appendixes, and came up with some revealing results. A must-have for the American shotgun enthusiast. 8 1/2 X 11, hardcover, photos, illus, 270pp.