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Accurate Rifle

Warren Page

US$ 44.95

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How to get maximum performance from your rifle - and yourself - in the field or on the line. Warren Page provides shooters and hunters alike with detailed practical information on the whole range of subjects affecting accuracy. Topics inlcude: the best benchrest shooting methods; the most accurate sights and scopes, and how to use them; the effects of wind and mirage, and how to turn them to your advantage; the effect of recoil; the most accurate cartridges; the secrets of proper bedding; how to select barrels and stocks; how to properly clean an accuracy rifle; trouble-shooting;, and everything that Page's years at the top of the shooting world have taught him. Reprint of classic book, with an equipment update from Dave Brennan, editor of Precision Shooting magazine. 6 X 9, softcover, photos, 255pp. Was Reg. $17.95... soon to be unavailable at any price.